Public Relation and Development Services

We provide the services of, and to work as consultants on, Public Relations (PR) including Social Media, Public Affairs, Crisis Management, Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC), Mass Communication, etc.

We provide the services of, and to work as consultants on, all types of public relations research, consumer market research, industrial research, sociological research and advertising research including Media Monitoring, Social listening, etc.

We provide the services of creating and managing Web Portals, Web Sites, Mobile Applications, Social Media Accounts, YouTube Channels etc. as are needed for providing Public Relation (PR) services.

We help to create visual strategies

1. Industries

Our expertise includes industries such as consumer electronics and lifestyle, information technology, educational courses, tourism and various technology topics. Clients vary from midsized companies and startups either looking for public relations support in specific regions or planning to extend their reach into domestic markets.

2. Communications Consultancy

Our team support clients in developing communications strategies for better understanding of their business and services. Providing expert PR consulting for local and global markets.

3. Influencer marketing

Our team of experts working on the constraints and strengths of each niche. We are able to plan and execute worldwide integrated campaigns where influencer marketing serves a crucial role in helping organizations to achieve their goals. We have the know-how, the network and the capability to do it.

4. Market Research

Whether its for “Business to Business” or “Business to Customer”, we have a director-level team undertaking research from start to finish, to ensure our quality market research services delivers on your objectives.

5. Search Marketing

In the past, there was very little overlap between public relations and search engine optimization. Today, however, a sound PR strategy that involves digital campaigns should work in tandem with SEO in order to achieve its goals.

6. Branding

We have worked with some of the best-known brands in Punjab to deliver results that speak for themselves. From small scale public information campaigns to cross-continent public relations and everything in between, we connect top brands with their audiences.
Worked with Sr. Manager Navneet Kumar.
Worked with Sr. Manager Navneet Kumar, Dinesh, Manga Singh.

7. Digital PR Services & Marketing

As early adaptors we understand the new social media portrait, and have experience in leveraging social media to promote clients. Besides utilizing communication channels such as blogs, online communities & platform etc. In our PR programs we also offer Internet Marketing services including on-site and off-site analysis, Search Engine Optimization, keyword research and more.

8. IT Services

During the last few years we built USA Private Money – A Private Equity Company and have been connecting market experts, business leaders, influencers and newcomers alike.

9. Web and Applications

We transform the design into the coding where we use the newest website development technologies and applications. Our mobile application development process begins with a thorough understanding of our customers real needs.

10. Global Presence

We have hands on tools and assets which helps you to define and show your presence globally. We analyze the organization, find the positive messages and translate those messages into positive media stories. Our team support as a strategic partner who help you to engage successfully with your audiences.

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